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Art in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Wed 01 Sep 2004 to Thu 30 Sep 2004

This was a joint venture between the City’s Botanical Gardens and ATT, to celebrate our 21st birthday and the Garden’s restoration.  

In spring 2003 a project was decided upon with the Botanical Gardens. ATT purchased fabrics from Whalleys and threads from Texare. ATT member Helen Neale used plant material from the Gardens to dye these. This process took about nine months, in order to take in all the seasons and make use of naturally pruned and dead headed materials. In May and July, dye weekends were held in the gardens.

The 45 members wanting to take part used the dyed fabrics and threads to create work based on the Botanical Gardens. Size was limited to 35 x 35 cms or 35 x 70 cms canvas frame to unify hanging.

Pieces were hung 12 at a time in the Gate House in June, July and August 2004 and all together in the 2nd annual 'Art in the Gardens' in  September 2004.

The entire project was featured in Embroidery magazine January/February 2005 edition. This promoted ATT, the Botanical Gardens, and Textile Art. The exhibition was also shown at the Pierrepont Gallery, Thoresby, near Ollerton in Oct/Nov 2004

Startling Undergrowth - Jean Stuart

There are faries in the Garden - Sue Coles

Pat Roberts

Thoresby Gallery display

Embroidery Magazine article

Embroidery Magazine article